brand identity design

Project scope: crafting a visual identity for a fresh and vibrant brand tailored to a young and adventurous audience.

Date: 2023

This thrilling project kicked off with the art of name selection. The mission was to find a powerfull name that embodyies the brand’s essence.

The visual identity faced the challenge of encapsulating the personality and ambition of the brand, positioning itself as a reference in indoor climbing in Central Portugal.

It aimed to seamlessly weave in concepts like adventurous spirit, resilience, joy, and an active lifestyle. Above all, the brand sought not only to carve its niche in the market but to stand out distinctly from the rest.








The uppercase letter W from the font used in the logo served as a key inspiration for the creation of the symbol.

Based on Gestalt theory, the triangle is associated with sensations of balance, dynamism, and stability.

Additionally, the angular shapes reflect the distinctive features of the climbing walls, enhancing the overall design with elements reminiscent of the sport’s dynamic essence.


Additionally, the project included the creation of an impactful campaign aimed at generating brand recognition and fostering a closer connection with the target audience. 

Through strategic messaging, compelling visuals, and targeted outreach, the campaign should effectively communicate the essence of Chás do Mundo to the desired audience.

Engaging with potential customers and building a community of tea enthusiasts will ensure that Chás do Mundo becomes synonymous with exceptional tea experiences.

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